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OCSiAl Starts Selling Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes and SWCNT-Based Modifiers Online

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OCSiAl's nanoadditives are now available online. A few clicks and a credit card is all a researcher needs to get high purity single wall carbon nanotubes to be delivered within days from OCSiAl's online store. It will have dedicated versions for Europe and North America. Sales of nanoadditives in Asia will continue to be covered by OCSiAl's partnership programme.

In the past, the lack of availability of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in large quantities and consistent quality made their mass application difficult. In addition, SWCNT's high price made them too expensive – even for research. OCSiAl solved these problems by its breakthrough synthesis technology. Now, by launching an online shop and making SWCNT (under the brand name TUBALLTM) affordable and easily accessible to research institutes, laboratories and any other entities developing industrial applications on their basis, OCSiAl is removing the last remaining obstacles for the wide adoption of SWCNT's in industrial applications.

The online store's initial offering will be comprised of the TUBALLTM product line. TUBALLTM is a unique material that contains more than 75% of SWCNTs. It can be used as a universal additive, simultaneously enhancing the strength and the electrical and/or thermal conductivity of most materials, including polymer composites, rubbers, metals and many others. In the beginning of 2015 the range of online products will be expanded with TUBALLTM R&D - a purified material with less than 5% inorganic impurities, which is aimed at the researchers who study the properties of single wall carbon nanotubes. At the same time, the shop will start offering TUBALLTM-based industrial modifiers, such as TUBALLTM BATT (increases Li-ion battery cyclability, discharge power), TUBALLTM COMP (improves the durability and toughness mechanicals in a wide range of composites) and others.


Being aimed at the research and product development community, the store offers TUBALLTM in units of 5, 50 and 100 grams. Samples of 1 gram are available for free.

"We are providing the global research community with a user friendly tool that ensures the immediate availability of low priced high quality single wall nanotubes, shipped from a local warehouse. This makes it easier for anyone who is interested in developing new applications to give their ideas a try," says Max Atanassov, CEO of OCSiAl USA.

OCSiAl's online store is already open and ready to process and deliver purchases in the shortest possible time.

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