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What Are The Origins Of Fresh Mozzarella?

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Most of us can't imagine life without mozzarella cheese. It is found on many of our favorite foods from pizza to other Italian dishes. Although not everyone has tried fresh mozzarella, those who have know just how amazing it is.

It tends to have a creamy texture and a more flavorful version of the familiar taste and can be eaten by itself, in brine, with some salt or in a number of recipes. To better understand fresh mozzarella, it is important to know its origins, both in terms of its history and how it is currently produced today.


History Of Fresh Mozzarella

When mozzarella was first created, you could only find it fresh as there weren't manufacturers that mass produced it and sold it to stores. Mozzarella originated in Italy and was traditionally made using the milk from water buffalo. Experts are still unsure how exactly the water buffalo arrived in Italy but the most popular explanations are that they came from India, were brought by Hannibal or came along with Arab invaders. The only thing that experts know for sure is that they started being raised in Italy during the 12th century when the land became marshy.


How It's Made

Today mozzarella is made all over the world and mostly produced using cow's milk as it is much easier to get and therefore more affordable than buffalo milk. To make the cheese a similar process is used for either type of milk and this involves adding a starter (of yesterday's whey) to the tub of pasteurized whole milk. The milk will then be steamed and start bubbling. Next the curd is added and stirred in. Once the surface of the tub is a shiny and compacted mass, either a large whisk or machine is used to break it up. It then rests so the pieces settle and this creates mozzarella stretching curd.


Finishing The Production

You can buy mozzarella stretching curd if you want to make your own fresh mozzarella cheese or buy the finished product. If you were to buy the curd yourself, you will follow the same steps manufacturers of gourmet cheese do when making it. This involves dividing up the pieces of stretchy curd and adding hot water. You will then mix it together and stretch out the curd. This involves pulling it gently apart so it falls back onto itself. Once the cheese is smooth, it is left in cold water and you have fresh mozzarella.

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