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The Memorable Games Of The PlayStation 1 Dynasty

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The PlayStation 1 era had a lot of great games, most of them we grew up along with.

Being chased by a monster named Nemesis while dodging zombies along the path or maybe even trying to find a hidden pathway leading to treasure chests were some gaming moments that most of us remember so well. The arsenal of PlayStation 1 games were so vast that it ranged from almost everything, from sports to fantasy to horror, it had everything.

It was normal to be attached to a character from a game and idolize them as someone as a person to look up to. The growth and change in attitude of the main protagonists in role playing games, trying to come back from a great loss, trying to seek comfort from a death of a comrade or loved one, we could all feel the emotions pouring out from them and some people may even shed a tear or two. The epic twists that some games had made even the gamers gasp and be left in awe.

The ending of Final Fantasy Tactics makes us even wonder if Ramza ever lived or was Olan just hallucinating, up to now it still remains as a mystery. Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 also had a special place in our hearts that up to now, we can still feel Cloud's anger breaking the limit, Squall's calmness and Zidane's Energetic youth. Ever wonder what it would be like to be the chooser of the slain? In Valkyrie Profile you were in control of Lenneth Valkyrie one of the three Goddesses that govern fate that serves under Odin father of creation, this story was entirely based on Norse mythology and this too had quite an enticing story and complex battle style.


Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 were the mother load of survival horror, it was survival at it's finest trying to save enough bullets by dodging unnecessary enemies and using it all up when fixed at a tight spot. The library of games were so many, and among them were great fighting games, racing games and action-adventure games. Who could forget Gran Turismo? or maybe even Need for Speed? both grabbed the attention of millions and gave them the luxury to drive great cars at the comfort of your home.

The reason for consoles having multiple ports for controllers was for the sport of competitiveness need it be fighting, racing or sports it was keen on bringing out the competitive side of everyone in us. NBA live, FIFA, Tekken 3 even the world of wrestling and boxing was delivered to us in glorious 3D back in the time. The list of great games for the PlayStation 1 is almost endless and I have not yet even begun to scratch the archives of games it holds. We can always look back and play again these games to relive every bit of happiness it gave to us regardless of our age.

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